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Are you tired of shaving or simply don’t have time for it?

No longer solely considered a luxury, Bonuses is also used for maintenance and is recognized as an effective treatment for many health conditions.

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Then here comes the waxing – one of the most truly reliable and efficient hair removal techniques for many parts of our body: legs, armpits, eyebrows, and bikini area. It is simple, easy and quick. Waxing has many great benefits over shaving: have a peek here,

  1. Most importantly, slow hair growth: your hair won’t grow for at least 3 to 6 weeks (keep in mind that results may vary due to different hair types and how frequently you wax);
  2. You save time: waxing is fast and convenient;
  3. Skin texture improves: it becomes smooth and silky;
  4. Good bye razors! You won’t have any cuts or bruises as the result of waxing;
  5. No allergies or irritation as no chemicals involved in the waxing process;
  6. And, waxing is not always that painful: if you do waxing right, it is almost pain-free.
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Things to keep in mind!

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No matter what area of your body you decide to wax, it is important, however, to follow the next waxing etiquette rules that will help you feel more confident and be happy with the results, also we recommend to buy online a wax on amazon because you will get it fast and safe thanks to the best shipping labels ProOffice.

  1. Ask for help: make sure you ask a waxing expert what steps you would need to take in order to prepare for your waxing treatment. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your expectations;
  2. Be clean: if you scheduled your waxing appointment at a certain time, you need to make sure to shower or refresh yourself before the waxing appointment;
  3. Wear appropriate clothing: If you scheduled a bikini wax, then make sure to wear appropriate undergarments
    For females: it is recommended to avoid the days when you are having your period. During menstrual cycles, skin becomes more tender and sensitive. Hence, if you are planning a bikini wax or Brazilian waxing treatment, simply avoid scheduling the waxing procedure near your menstrual cycle;
  4. Watch your diet: avoid having too much salt in your foods, avoid spicy foods, and make sure to drink plenty of water
    Ask about trimming: prior to your appointment, ask your spa professional whether you should trim your hair or if you’d like the beauty expert to take care of it;
  5. Swimming/sunbathing: it would be wise to avoid swimming or sunbathing 24 hours prior to your waxing appointment, you can instead take a walk to get some fresh air, even if you have kids, you can take them in a Graco FastActionFoldClickConnect stroller.

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