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NStyle Beauty Lounge: Your Go-To Nail Salon in Dubai

There is a particular confidence that comes from a woman with a perfect manicure. Immediately elevating any look, an NStyle manicure is better than the rest. The subtle inner confidence that shines through when you are immaculately groomed, on-trend, and ready to take on the world is what we aim to deliver to our clients on each visit.

NStyle Beauty Lounge truly gives the best manicures in Dubai.

Calling all nail-biters, nail-neglecters and busy women: now you can have beautifully elegant, long and strong nails that really last, without the wait. Talk to our expert nail extension therapists about the best solution for your nails and your lifestyle.

We offer acrylic nails and gel nails, gel and acrylic refills and overlays and nail extensions. We use the award-winning CND Acrylic nails, as well Brisa gel nails. Manicures in Dubai can be frequently found but most do not shape up to what you will find at our nail parlor in Dubai. From gelish manicures that aid in strengthening and growing your natural nail to nail art where our skilled professionals can paint designs on to your perfectly polished nail bed.

Pedicures can sometimes be seen as ‘upkeep’ but we turn a relatively simple procedure into a pampering experience. Kick your feet up and let our team wash, exfoliate and massage your feet before selecting a color of your choice to finish it off. Customer comfort and relaxation is at the forefront of this procedure which is why we chose salon chairs with basins at the base ensuring clients do not have to move a muscle. NStyle pedicures are a best seller.

Award-Winning Manicure in Dubai

Acrylic Nails are in demand in the market and especially in Dubai. Clients who may be nail biters or have brittle and short nails may wish to enhance them with this service. Acrylic nails can ultimately harden and extend your nails to any length you may desire. We train for the practice in this field and deliver the best acrylic nails in Dubai.

There are a multitude of offerings for manicures in Dubai but none like you can find at NStyle International. From Gelish, Shellac manicure Dubai to classic or longer lasting nail polish we do it all. With the utmost care, and attention to detail you will leave the salon facility with fingers to envy and confidence to match. Our commitment to hygiene is noted as each area is thoroughly cleaned after each use and the tools used for manicures and pedicures in Dubai are steralised for each client we see.

Best Pedicure in Dubai by NStyle

Pedicures are another popular service that we offer at our prestigious nail salon Dubai. We factor in the potential need for medical pedicures where our technicians may have to take more time and care to more common requirements for classic pedicures. We also cater to busy mothers who may have their little ones in tow. Comfort and relaxation can be found in our beauty haven, find a large leather chair with the wash basin at your feet meaning no movement is needed. Your service is completed with a short massage to really stimulate your senses. Whether it’s a particularly stressful day or a hectic week, taking the time to treat yourself with a manicure and pedicure can do wonders for your stress levels. The massage, relaxing experience, and pampering will free your mind from any tension, boosting your mental health. Should clients wish to add on a professional 30-minute foot massage they can do so by asking their technician or the ladies at the front desk.

As the primary service of our established business, manicures and pedicures at Nstyle beauty parlor Dubai can occur together meaning clients can embark on a stress-free and enjoyable experience with the added benefit of convenience. The most fun part for many is picking your color and with hundreds of shades and colors to choose from, clients are spoilt for choice.

Nail Extensions Dubai

When it comes to nail extensions in Dubai, NStyle International stands out as the ultimate destination. Dubai’s demand for acrylic nails is on the rise, attracting clients with nail-biting habits or brittle and short nails who desire to enhance their look. With our expertise and training in acrylic nail application, we deliver the best nail extensions in Dubai, allowing you to achieve the desired length and hardness. At NStyle International, we offer a wide range of manicure services, including Gelish, Shellac, and classic or longer-lasting nail polish. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to hygiene ensure that each client receives a luxurious and safe experience. After each use, our salon facilities are thoroughly cleaned, and all tools used for manicures and pedicures in Dubai are sterilized.

Whether you’re looking for the best pedicure in Dubai or a complete manicure and pedicure package, NStyle International is your go-to beauty haven.

The Best Nail Spa in Dubai

Award-winning for a reason, NStyle beauty lounge offers manicures and pedicures that shine. Our commitment to providing clients with the best products on the market spans the length of two decades. Products such as Essie, Essie Couture and CND ensure long lasting results. We are the go-to destination for anyone looking to experience the best nail salon in Dubai.

Be you, be beautiful. NStyle nail spa is equipt to support all beauty requirements under not one, but over 20 roofs. As a business, we are on a never-ending search for the finest products to add to our fabulous collection of retail and in-salon services. We believe that a woman’s manicure is an essential part of her beauty routine. Our team of highly skilled manicurists and pedicurists will provide you with a luxurious and relaxing experience, leaving you with perfectly buffed toes and polished fingernails.

Frequent upkeep with your professional manicurist will help to create healthy nails which will stay strong. There are numerous benefits to mani’s and pedi’s including the removal of dry and dead skin cells which helps to promote healthy cell renewal and growth. The deep clean provided by your technician and the maintenance of your nails during a manicure will further protect against any fungal growth. Although it is certainly enjoyable to have your nails done, these are some excellent reasons why visiting NStyle beauty lounge should be more than just an occasional luxury experience.

Nail Polish Fit For a Queen

For nail polish, we offer the best-selling CND Vinylux up to 7 Days Polish, NStyle award-winning polish (which comes in 250 shades), Essie, Essie Gel Couture, OPI, OPI Gel & Nailberry. Nailberry is a multi-award-winning nail range has been developed to deliver a healthier manicure with no compromise on colour. Each shade has been formulated to be 12 Free, Vegan & Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Breathable / Oxygenated, Moisture Permeable, Certified Halal, Long Wear and High Shine. Essie has been a staple at NStyle since inception, and for more than 35 years, Essie has been a color authority and leader in nail luxury, committed to high quality standards with an award-winning line of nail polishes and nail care products. The NStyle team curate a collection of products that remain center stage on runways around the world. Namely, Essie which offers highly anticipated color collections that drive trends season after season. In addition, we carry CND Shellac up to 14 Days UV Polish offering the ultimate in shine and durability. Our state-of-the-art equipment and high-quality products guarantee that your nails will look flawless and stay chip-free for weeks.

NStyle Beauty Lounge: Your Favorite Nail Salon in Dubai

Why choose Nstyle nail and beauty salon?

With more than 20 years of service, Nstyle Beauty Salon is a widely recognized leading nail salon in Dubai and the surrounding areas. Catering to the needs of the modern woman, Nstyle offers a comprehensive suite of services—hair care, nail services, eyelash extensions, nail extensions, eyebrow threading, waxing, massages, and facials—making it a preferred destination for Dubai women. Nstyle’s team of experts strives to provide an experience that surpasses the usual expectations. Accommodating their customers’ busy schedules, Nstyle ensures consistent high-quality service across their various locations, making it a dependable hub for all women’s beauty needs.

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We offer natural and not-so-natural nail extensions Dubai’s most fabulous women have searched for. Gel…


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Time to Treat Yourself!

Nail Salon

Time to Treat Yourself!

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Strong nails + soft hands = empowering feminine beauty

There’s a particular confidence that comes from an NStyle manicure. Sure, it’s the confidence of strong shiny nails, and soft nourished hands. But it’s more than that – it’s a subtle inner confidence that you are immaculately groomed, on-trend, and ready to take on the world.


The best manicures in Dubai
*All prices are Inclusive of VAT.


Add-Ons: Hand Massage (AED116) | Shoulder Massage (AED116) | Paraffin Dip (AED116) | Exfoliation Scrub (AED58)

30 minutes


AED 98

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Our classic manicure with shaping, vitamin soak, cuticle refining & nourishing, therapeutic massage and color.

30 minutes


AED 110

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Our famous French Manicure. Shape, vitamin-soak, scrubbed, buffed, massaged & polished to perfection.


Add-Ons: Hand Massage (AED116) | Shoulder Massage (AED116) | Paraffin Dip (AED116) | Exfoliation Scrub (AED58)

60 minutes


AED 174

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Enjoy beautifully polished nails with incredible shine that lasts up to 14 days. Combining the advantages of nail polish & gel, Shellac is thin and strong enough to be applied like nail polish, with maximum flexibility and durability.

60 minutes


AED 197

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Get beautifully polished nails with incredible shine that lasts up to 14 days. Combining the advantages of nail polish & gel, Shellac is thin & strong enough to be applied like nail polish, with maximum flexibility and durability.


Add-Ons: Hand Massage (AED116) | Shoulder Massage (AED116) | Paraffin Dip (AED116) | Exfoliation Scrub (AED58)


50 minutes


AED 185

More Info

SA lusciously indulgent and soothing therapy. Therapeutic oil is massaged in the skin offering instant nourishment. We dip your hands in warm paraffin wax and wrap them in warm towels. Your skin emerges soft, supple and glowing.

A fusion of health and beauty.

60 minutes


AED 185

More Info

Indulge yourself with a luxury spa therapy for the hands or feet that will nourish and revive your skin to perfection. A nourishing soak softens the skin and cuticles while a reviving scrub exfoliates. A heavenly masque replenishes the skin, while the energizing crème nourishes and renews your skin.

60 minutes


AED 185

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A therapeutic oil is massaged into your skin while hot stones are pressed on your muscular pressure points. This is all combined with a massage that will release all the knots and tensions in your hands and feet and help you feel rejuvenated.

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