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We’ve Got Your Back!
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Indulgent massage in our luxury day spa

A great massage is a magic thing, isn’t it? Relaxing, rejuvenating, healing – it makes you feel renewed. But what makes a good massage?
There’s the expertise of the masseur – that goes without saying. The pressure, the intuition, the knowledge of the relaxation points. But then there’s the whole experience, from the moment you make your booking, to the moment you say goodbye. The therapy rooms need to be clean and quiet, the equipment and towels need to be fresh and hygienic. The whole process has to be relaxing, luxurious and indulgent.
NStyle beauty lounges do just that. We give you a luxury massage experience in a sophisticated day spa environment.

The best massage in Dubai

Our massage service menu offers extensive choices of therapy treatments including deep tissue, aromatherapy and hot stone. We also offer massage in the chair as an add-on to our nail services.

Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes) - AED 320

Relieve muscle tension and let the stress melt away. The smooth, flat, heated stones placed on parts of your body help relax your muscles.

Deep Tissue Swedish Massage (50 minutes) - AED 265

A deeply relax, healing massage, that works on the key muscle and soft tissue that causing you pain.

Aroma Therapy Massage (50 minutes) - AED 265

The essential oils will enter your senses and take you to a world of relaxation and inner balance. Aromatherapy deeply enhances the benefits of a standard massage. Your therapist choose a custom blend for your emotional and mental state.

Back Massage (50 minutes) - AED 265

An expert massage that gently but firmly works on your problem area, leaving you back supple, loose and tension-free. Customisable for particular back pain or injuries.

Reflexology (50 minutes) - AED 265

It might start with the feet, but the benefits are felt across your entire body. Using pressure points on your hands and feet, your therapist will calm, stimulate and health various parts of your body.

Chair Foot Massage (30 minutes) - AED 100

Indulge your tired feet, while having a mani or pedi. Let our measures revive and reenergise your feet, for a surprisingly full body result.

Chair Hand Massage (30 minutes) - AED 100

The feeling of a hand massage is indescribable: kind, caring and energising.

Chair Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 minutes) - AED 100

Your next and should bear your tension. Release them with expert massage, and reduce those headaches neck pain.