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Indulgent massage in our luxury day spa

A great massage is a magic thing, isn’t it? Relaxing, rejuvenating, healing – it makes you feel renewed. But what makes a good massage?
There’s the expertise of the masseur – that goes without saying. The pressure, the intuition, the knowledge of the relaxation points. But then there’s the whole experience, from the moment you make your booking, to the moment you say goodbye. The therapy rooms need to be clean and quiet, the equipment and towels need to be fresh and hygienic. The whole process has to be relaxing, luxurious and indulgent.
NStyle beauty lounges do just that. We give you a luxury massage experience in a sophisticated day spa environment.

The best massage in Dubai

Our massage service menu offers extensive choices of therapy treatments including deep tissue, aromatherapy and hot stone. We also offer massage in the chair as an add-on to our nail services.

NEW! STARVAC Treatments

True technologies created for true people

STRETCHING CELLULAIRE, the latest STARVAC innovation, is at the forefront of innovation based on an advanced patented skin mobilization technique to fight and prevent unsightly cellulite, sagging skin, wrinkles and more. Stretching Cellulaire is the only technique that will enhance fat release and improve skin quality at the same time, creating a natural and painless treatment for toning, reshaping, and firming abdomen, upper arms, inner & upper thighs, buttocks. Starvac treatments are 100%-natural and painless that truly improves people’s lives and wellbeing. The techniques bring out full potential of the human body in total care of one’s health & beauty.

*Available ONLY at Mall of the Emirates.


The technique of the treatment lies in its new-patented heads EVO3D and EVO SPHERE, offering a synergy of actions that will boost the skin’s elasticity and remove cellulite at the same time by naturally restarting the cellular activity. This treatment is perfect for slimming detoxing, and shaping the body. Recommended Course of Treatment : 10 to 12 sessions

(45 minutes) – AED 375

Purchase 5 Treatments, Get 2 Free



More than just a massage, the Pressodynamie massage gently applies and releases a gentle discontinuous pressure along your legs and feet, resulting in an immediate light leg feeling and increasing the feeling of wellbeing. The technique lies in its new patent Active waves, that provides a dynamic massage which is relaxing, soothing and comfortable, stimulating lymph flow and promoting the body natural toxin elimination function. Recommended Course of treatment:  depending on the need up to 10 session:  2 times a week

(30 minutes) – AED 250

Purchase 5 Treatments, Get 2 Free



Increases collagen and elastin underneath the skin making the stretch marks less visible. Improved skin texture and elasticity. The treatment helps repair the damaged skin fibers inside the stretch mark and restores the skin’s natural substances. Recommended Course of treatment:  depending on the need up to 24 sessions: 3 times a week

(30 minutes) – AED 350

Purchase 5 Treatments, Get 2 Free



This anti-aging facial treatment re-densifies the skin and reduces the signs of aging. With the use of the STARVAC treatment heads that exerts pulse sensations into the skin and the application of the active cosmetics in the face, the healthy production of youth substances such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, are enhanced naturally. It smoothens wrinkles, fine lines and at the same time gives a natural volumizing effect making your face glow immediately and look more hydrated, healthy, and younger looking.The treatment is ideal for addressing concerns like wrinkles, double chin, sagging skin and hollow cheeks.Recommended Course of treatment depending on the need up to 16 sessions: 2 times a week. This outstanding Black Leg Masque treatment is designed to relieve the feeling of fatigued and heavy legs by reducing swelling, increasing circulation, soothing and cooling the skin.
The Toning Leg Scrub starts off this treatment and helps boost circulation and provide venous decongestion.
The Black Leg Masque follows and works to instantly cool, detoxify the skin, reduce inflammation, refine the blood vessels and promote skin elasticity.

(60 minutes) – AED 650

Purchase 5 Treatments, Get 2 Free

Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes) - AED 320

Relieve muscle tension and let the stress melt away. The smooth, flat, heated stones placed on parts of your body help relax your muscles.

Deep Tissue Swedish Massage (50 minutes) - AED 265

A deeply relax, healing massage, that works on the key muscle and soft tissue that causing you pain.

Aroma Therapy Massage (50 minutes) - AED 265

The essential oils will enter your senses and take you to a world of relaxation and inner balance. Aromatherapy deeply enhances the benefits of a standard massage. Your therapist choose a custom blend for your emotional and mental state.

Back Massage (50 minutes) - AED 265

An expert massage that gently but firmly works on your problem area, leaving you back supple, loose and tension-free. Customisable for particular back pain or injuries.

Reflexology (50 minutes) - AED 265

It might start with the feet, but the benefits are felt across your entire body. Using pressure points on your hands and feet, your therapist will calm, stimulate and health various parts of your body.

Chair Foot Massage (30 minutes) - AED 100

Indulge your tired feet, while having a mani or pedi. Let our measures revive and reenergise your feet, for a surprisingly full body result.

Chair Hand Massage (30 minutes) - AED 100

The feeling of a hand massage is indescribable: kind, caring and energising.

Chair Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 minutes) - AED 100

Your next and should bear your tension. Release them with expert massage, and reduce those headaches neck pain.