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Facial Hair Threading
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Remove hair, not skin

By now you’ve probably heard that threading is an incredibly gentle, effective and non-invasive way to remove facial hair.
An expert threading artist can skilfully enhance your facial features, with hair by hair accuracy. But how do you find a skilled threader?
Threading is an ancient technique that requires thorough training and practice.
Our threading artists receive rigorous training and come with indepth experience. With quick, deft, painless movements, they shape your brows and remove even the finest hairs from your lip, chin and hairline.

The best eyebrow threading and facial hair threading services in Dubai

*All prices are Inclusive of VAT.

Forehead (15 minutes) - AED 35

Our signature service! Everything off or almost everything off, you decide.

Eyebrows (15 minutes) - AED 64

Graceful eyebrows with clean, well-defined edges that frame the eye.

HALF FACE (30 minutes) - AED 69
Full Face No Eyebrows (25 minutes) - AED 81

No more worry about embarrassing facial hair.

Full Face with Eyebrows (30 minutes) - AED 127

Eyebrows sorted? Now it’s time for your face.

Chin (15 minutes) - AED 29

Get rid of those stray hairs and chin whiskers.

Neck (15 minutes) - AED 29

The back of your neck will be smooth, hairless and elegant.

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