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Can a wax ever feel comfortable? Even luxurious? We think so. We believe a good wax should be quick, painless – and enjoyable. We do this by hiring the friendliest and most proficient technicians in Dubai. We offer luxurious lounges to relax in and we uphold the highest hygiene standards. There’s no double dipping here!
So you can walk in with confidence, and walk out with sleek, smooth, sexy skin.

The best waxing services in Dubai

All waxing services include a soothing moisturizer to re-hydrate and nourish your skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and completely hair-free.

*All prices are Inclusive of VAT.

Full Body (75 minutes) - AED 368
A top to toe hair removal treatment. Our beauticians take it step by gentle step to make the experience as painless as possible.
Brazilian (30 minutes) - AED 137
Go completely hairless, with our Brazilian waxing treatments that leaves your skin totally bare.
Full Bikini (30 minutes) - AED 95
A waxing treatment to remove bikini hair from the front and sides, back excluded.
Half Bikini (20 minutes) - AED 68
A waxing treatment to remove all hair from the front area. Does not include sides and back.
Bikini Line (15 minutes) - AED 58
An amazingly gentle service for your sensitive bikini line, removing hairs along the panty line.
Full Legs (30 minutes) - AED 121
A gentle strip wax from your ankle to top of the thigh.
Half Legs (20 minutes) - AED 89
A gentle strip wax from your ankle to just above the knee.
Full Arms (25 minutes) - AED 84
A gentle strip wax on your fingers and hands and up to the shoulder.
Half Arms (15 minutes) - AED 58
A gentle strip wax on your fingers and hands to the elbow.
Underarms (15 minutes) - AED 47
A gentle strip wax that nurtures the sensitive skin under your arms.
Full Back (20 minutes) - AED 84
Leaves your entire back smooth and hair-free.
Half Back (10 minutes) - AED 47
A wax treatment for either the upper or lower back.
Full Chest (20 minutes) - AED 84
Waxing from your collar bone to under the navel for a smooth, hairless chest.
Half Chest (10 minutes) - AED 47
Waxing from your collar bone to the rib cage.
Buttocks (15 minutes) - AED 42
Banish that hairy butt. A gentle wax for the sensitive buttock area.
Finger Thread (5 minutes) - AED 5
Toe (5 minutes) - AED 5
No more Hobbit toes! Toe waxing for smooth, soft toes.

NStyle Sanitation Practices

We Never Double Dip, EVER!

Double dipping is one of the most dangerous waxing practices – and happens unfortunately a lot of the time. Just imagine the guest before you got a butt crack wax and now you’re up for an upper lip wax. If you’ve been to a place that double dips – all that nastiness could be spread on to you (literally) – dead cells, hair, bacteria, fungus, fecal matter, blood, mucous, discharge – with double dipping that’s all going back into pot.

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