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Welcome to NStyle Rewards Program

Receive unparalleled rewards by registering for NStyle Internationals loyalty program and earn points as you spend in store that you can redeem against your favorite services and retail purchases. We at NStyle firmly believe in recognizing and rewarding our most loyal customers. NStyle Rewards allows us to show our appreciation of your patronage to our stores and reward you each time you visit us. The card permits you to accrue points that can be used for free services or product purchases of your choice. The Loyalty program is designed in such a way where as a customer you can collect points on your card after each purchase and become eligible for free services of your choice once the minimum points have been accumulated.

What are the benefits?

Members earn 1 point for every AED10 or BD1 spent at NStyle Beauty Lounge or Urban Male Lounge which they can then redeem against their favorite services or retail products once the minimum points are accumulated. Loyalty members also get an array of additional benefits that include earning double points on certain occassions and offers.

How to become a member?

Simply sign up at any of our stores or fill the form below. Alternatively you could also fill up the form via our mobile application.

NStyle Rewards Program

Bonus points for registering online or via mobile application?

Yes! On submitting your application online, you will receive 50 reward points debited into your account once it is activated.  Similarly you can earn 100 points by registering via our mobile application.