Wanna be your own boss?

You are at the right place!

Wanna be your own boss?

You are at the right place!

Welcome to the NStyle Beauty Lounge franchising

We Understand The Beauty Business Industry Like No One Else!

We want to be the biggest + best beauty bar company in the world.

We want to grow our brand across Canada, the US and the rest of the world.
We want to be the Starbucks of spas.

And we are gonna do it with our amazing Franchise Partners (meaning, maybe you!)

We’ve created a niche concept that blends the best of the luxury spa world with the convenience of the salon world to cater to what busy women want most: impeccably executed, efficient services in an ultra-clean environment.

If you’re interested in opening up your own 10spot® beauty bar, then you’re in the right place. Here’s lots of information on our business model, why it works and how you can become part of THE TEN SPOT® Crew!

Want in?

Partner with the best beauty lounge in the world

THE TEN SPOT® has racked up the praise from thousand of clients, oodles of bloggers and has been featured on the glossy pages every national publication. We’ve won numerous industry awards and our unique concept has dominated the competition. (just check out the bottom of this page!)

If you are driven, passionate and tired of working for someone else, then join our crew of amazing entrepreneurs and help us take over the world… or at least the beauty bar world!

be your own boss

you're never alone

get expert training

proven success

Benefits of becoming NStyle franchise partner

own a business with a proven track record of profitability and to date, a recession proof model.

gain access to expert knowledge of the industry through 10spot®– our extensive and professional franchise partner and staff training program.

be guided through a highly systematized start up process; meaning everything from site selection to construction, financial forecasting tools to cost controls, marketing and buzz creation are all provided for you – our goals is that each location in any new market across the country can be easily opened, rapidly grown, and successfully operated.

have access to killer branding, in-house design services and cutting edge marketing strategies.
be on your own, but never alone! we provide ongoing support/assistance from hq and community with other franchise partners.

be your own boss and have fun operating your own biz while having a great work/life balance!

THE TEN SPOT® is the fastest growing brand in the beauty biz. Since launching our first store in Toronto ten years ago, we’ve exploded with growth from coast to coast.

We know companies like to say that they’ve stuck to their roots, but we really have. We’re still based in Toronto, and our headquarters are only a hop, skip and jump from the first ever 10spot®. Founder Kristen is still involved in every aspect of the business, and lots have staff have been here almost since the start. Want to get to know us better?

We’ve become known across Canada for our cheeky branding, convenient (and trendy AF) locations and professional service. You may have heard of our (trademarked) Brazilly® or Bumkini® waxing services, or seen our #FeelLikeATen Instagram tag.

We’ve set our sights on becoming even bigger and better in the next 5 years, and making guests all over Canada (and beyond) walk in to their local 10spot® and strut out, feeling like a ten.

If you’re interested in becoming a 10spot® franchise partner or learning more about what franchising means, you’re welcome to apply now or join our next webinar with our CEO, Kristen.